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San Jerónimo, Cusco, Peru

The Josephine House (Casa Josefina) is an orphanage for abandoned or abused children located high in the Andes Mountains of Cusco, Peru. Many of these children come from very difficult circumstances, and some have special needs and medical problems. The staff lovingly cares for these children until they can place them in adoption with stable, nurturing families. Josephine House is also, the only home in the area that accepts abandoned newborn children, who require require us to staff more caregivers, but also to purchase expensive formula and diapers. Importantly though, Josephine House places more children than any other home in the region, and actively works within the legal system to get them adopted. Please consider joining with us to give these children, and many future children, the opportunity to be loved, cared for, and placed in a loving family. If you have any questions, please contact me at nathanmhenson@gmail.com. We would be grateful for any help that you can provide, and we look forward to working together to give these children a hope and a future. 


San Jerónimo, Cusco, Peru

We are launching a refractive surgery program at La Fuente Eye Clinic with several goals. The first is to improve vision and improve the lives of our patients.  Taking away the need for glasses improves job opportunities and can change the trajectory of someone’s future. The second goal of our program is to subsidize and sustain our other outreach projects in our community. We direct and manage an orphanage, ‘Casa Josefina’ and the clinic proceeds sustain this work. We also have programs for patients in medicine, pediatrics, physical therapy, psychology, and dentistry. All of these programs need resources, and are aimed at Cusco’s most vulnerable and needy populations. We take care of the abandoned elderly (Tauna program), orphans from various homes, young mothers who have been abused (Casa Mantay), and we have a prison medical outreach program.

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A $50 Donation Reverses Cataract Blindness 


San Jerónimo, Cusco, Peru

Cataract blindness is one of the greatest causes of treatable blindness in the world. Many patients come to us blind in both eyes from cataracts for years. A 15 minute surgery can restore their sight and change their lives forever. With your help, we can remove cataracts and restore people’s sight through a short surgical procedure. Through your $50 donation, you will help us restore sight to the blind and new hope for their future!


San Jerónimo, Cusco, Peru

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the world which can

be stopped if we act in time! Help us to stop glaucoma in its tracks! If we act in time, we can prevent blindness from glaucoma in almost 100% of our patients. Your $50 donation will help keep our patients from experience the very difficult future that blindness from glaucoma brings. Join us in preserving a better future for those in need!

Each $50 Donation Stops Someones Glaucoma



Help us purchase the equipment and supplies needed to provide the highest level of care and the best vision to our patients!


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La Fuente Clinic and help us give sight to the blind!


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